More about me...

From playing with Wordpress, Napster and Limewire in the naughties, I picked up coding in 2015 before falling in love with Design and UX shortly after. I loved how it brought together so many of my interests to the same place: craft, people, technology and business. And I still do.

Years later, I find myself often operating in complex domains, or on highly ambiguous challenges, where I enjoy working with my teammates or clients to get things done well.

Generally speaking, I am motivated by the simple but powerful fact that technological and scientific advancements have provided us with an incredible opportunity to innovate and reconsider the way we in which we impact each other, and the world around us.

As a designer and researcher I've been fortunate to collaborate with some amazing people in consultancies, agencies and in-house.

Previous collaborations include
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More about me

Primary areas of interest
• mental health and mindfulness 🧠
• human relationships 👩🏼👩🏼
• the environment🌲

Me and my beliefs
• MSc in Experimental Psychology
• Advocate of ethical and sustainable design
• Product strategy and research must underpin craft and vision.
• We learn more from listening than talking
• Data-informed but human-led decision making
• Spent most of my twenties abroad, with 3.5 wonderful years in Asia
• Keen interests in Buddhism, photography, martial arts, hiking and ultramarathons.

Note on Digital Sustainability
I offset my digital carbon emissions using Ecologi

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